About Off Beat Graphics

A Chandler Graphic Design Agency

Off Beat Graphics is a Chandler graphic design agency focused on developing your business’s brand and online presence. From logo design to brand development to custom website design, we are by your side to help make your business stand out from the rest.

Off Beat Graphics is run by design and marketing consultant Devin Hanson. An accomplished graphic artist and photographer, Devin combines his web design, digital media and print design expertise with the invaluable ability to successfully interpret and understand client advertising needs. As a result, Devin consistently produces unique, beautiful designs along with cohesive, integrated digital and print collateral that effectively align with marketing strategy.

A Message from Devin

devin-web1“As an Arizona native, I’ve learned to love the unique environment of the East Valley (Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert). Over the last few years, I’ve seen so many new businesses open up their doors. Some of them very successful with a unique brand/product and a strong following from the local crowd. Others not so successful, closing their doors after just a few months. Many of these failed attempts were not due to a poor product or service, but a poor business plan or marketing strategy. I love this community and I love to see the local businesses flourish. It hurts to see small businesses in Chandler close their doors when I know they could thrive if they just had a little help getting their name out. I’ve made it my goal to connect with small business owners and start up companies in Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, etc. to see what I can offer to help grow their business, gain local support, and keep those doors open. If you’re a business owner looking for a Chandler graphic design and marketing consultant, please drop me a line and lets meet at one of my favorite local coffee shops to discuss your business, your goals, and what Off Beat Graphics can do to help.”

Your local graphic design consultant,

Devin Hanson


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